Monday, February 6, 2012

Metro-friendly interface, quick startup time, support NFC technology and Windows Store is the app store features "considerable amount" of the new operating system from Microsoft.

Both IT and general users are looking forward to each day to witness the launch of Windows 8 - operating system is said to be friendly for all user objects. According to information leaked recently, most likely the Beta of the operating system will debut in late February, before the final version was released in autumn this year.  
Here are the most awaited feature set of Windows 8:
Metro Interface
It has been mentioned too much about the new interface of Windows 8 - which is the most attractive features of this operating system. Not only is designed to optimize the device for use as a touch screen or tablet PC, Windows 8 is compatible with HTML5 and CSS3, as well as pre-installed as a web application or Flirk Skydive.
Fast boot time
The specific statistics, of course, still unpublished, but the test developers, test versions of Windows 8 for the boot time is only true for 6 seconds, while the desktop PC with the same that the boot time of Windows 7 is 90 seconds.
For general users, ultra-fast startup time will help them not to wait too long. Meanwhile, the IT people who will benefit most by their specific job requirements of the time you start to reboot a lot (when installing new applications).
Windows Store
This is one very interesting feature of the operating system Windows 8. App Store Windows Store is regarded as a copy of the Apple App Store for PC. There, users can download and install the applications that I feel or excitement. More attractive, the app store contains many types of applications under the free trial (free trial).
In the version for the previous developer, Windows Store not yet appeared, but more likely in the Beta release in late February, the PC user will have the opportunity to market the application directory of unique ideas approximately only on mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone.
Support NFC and Wi-Fi Direct
Like the Android 4.0 operating system, Windows 8 also supports Wi-Fi Direct technology, enabling users to easily transfer data to the device using the same Wi-Fi family.
Meanwhile, NFC (near field communication) is considered one of the standard technology of the future, with the ability to transfer data when two objects are placed near each other. After the advent of e-wallet system Google Wallet , integrated NFC devices are expected to replace the all kinds of payment cards at restaurants, supermarkets or other public places.
Reset and Refresh
Both features have been integrated into the Windows operating system version before, but they seem not to be public knowledge, and a large part caused by them too difficult to use.
In the new operating system version, the Reset feature (put machine back to its original state, losing all data) and Refresh (to the user's settings back to its original state, without loss of application and data) will be conducted according to the sequencing and much easier to use.


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