Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day is coming and then, what do you do to express my feelings for him? Do not forget to send him the message that allegorical lovely light.

Expressing love Valentine's Day not as difficult as we imagine. Maybe just a funny saying, cute enough to the enemy feel your sincerity.
"You + I = <3" (I + you = <3)
Certainly there did not like the guy a message interesting and fun like this. Message content, although a little bit confusing, but it will cause him to think, bother. Whether understood or not understood the implication of it, he will also send you a message with a smiley face. Simple but cute is not it?
"I'm just thinking about you this morning, good Valentine fun!"
If so flirty, this message seems a bit shy and innocent, but if he also noticed you, he will understand the hidden meaning behind even this statement is. This is a way for you "check" to see him having an affair with her or not.
Send a message to him in time of 2h14 clock '
Today is 14/2 and you can do is send a message specifically for him in the right 2 hours 14 minutes with the message content is "At 2 hours 14 minutes, you wish something on Valentine's day?" . However, do not forget to disclose to him know what your obligations are light, this is the most important details in a message here (estimated to be with him, for example).
"I think I heart you were stealing it"
To be able to send a powerful message and very cute to him, first, you need to send him a message content is opened with "I'm going to report him the police here" or "I discovered his crimes. " And when he asked why, you can "spontaneously" that he was convicted of stealing your heart. He can not help smiling when receiving a loving message, sweet like this.
"I just see a great movie, but if you look even better with it"
After this message, ask him what specifically intended for Valentine's Day yet. This message is enough to let him know that you want in the day he knows how special.
Send a blank message
Sometimes due to network errors, we still get the blank message with no content, but it still makes us wonder, right? Why not send him an active cryptic messages like this to start baby story.
Would you reply, you can pretend to be as "innocent", not understanding why empty message to server guy, it was time to plan Valentine story of what he is.
"I then lost teddy bear. Or you make your teddy bear Top ads Top "
You can give that message is a bit childish, but it is very efficient here. Moreover, you also feel less shy of sending this message to him because it would be more provocative, like a joke. But if he is interested in you, he would easily understand the deep meaning of the joke that is.
"Last night I dreamed that you have here"
This is clearly an flirtations, not just for Valentine's Day but for all occasions (whenever you want to express emotions). Be prepared mentally ready, as he heard the details about your great dream (even if it was just a lie). However, one thing you should note, the contents should dream a little humor, not too mushy. For example, imagine you can talk him into the hero saving the beauty of (the main course is fine-you), or the guy holding flowers chasing you but you do not need ...
"Today you about?"
A pretty simple question, is no flirting, and also put pressure on people get it. In essence this is the question need not answer that he just wanted to let him know that is your special Valentine.
"Valentine's servant could be you?"
If you see all the messages above the slightly childish (or fear him not sensitive enough to understand), you can choose to speak out, speak directly to the problem. And this is the time to listen to him about your feelings, then you will have the answer immediately.


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